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Track of "Chosen"

Not everyone knows that Prague is not only a host of world-class attractions but also the real capital of secret societies. By taking part in a Quest Journey, you will have the opportunity to explore the history of the most ancient and powerful of these societies in the oldest district of the city – Old Town (Staré Město). You will need to uncover the mysteries of the ancient city, investigate ecurses imposed by the devil himself, in order to discover the carefully guarded secret of Emperor Rudolph II.

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Recommended max. 6
2,8 km
45 - 60 min.


  • Create a team! There is no limits of quantity of players, however we advise a team maximum of six people.
  • Pay for the game online. You will receive the confirmation email from us.
  • To get started LOG IN and go to this link (the link will be active for PLAY only after you bought the game and logged in with the email address that you entered while buying the game).
  • PLAY: you can stat anytime, all you need to have with you: smartphone and the mobile Internet connected to it.
  • If you have any difficulties during the game, you can always use two tips that have been prepared for you. You can also use the Internet. If you are still in trouble, you can always call our operator on +420608001314.
  • More information you can find on FAQ page.